Intranquil Spirit 7 Day Candle

Intranquil Spirit 7 Day Candle

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7 Day intranquil Spirit can  be used for several different issues. One of them being such as to resolve and to put to rest intanquil spirit that may surround you.

 The Intranquil Spirit is a tortured earthbound group of souls.These souls are thought to be damned sould of those who were wicked in their lifetime. There are other theories that you are summoning a demon when you call upon the Intranquil Spirit. When working with the intranquil spirit, you could be working with a  different one each time.

The Intranquil Spirit can torture, haunt, and cause all manner of havoc and turmoil upon on your targets mind and emotions to the point that all they can think of is you and returning to you.  And they will have no peace until they do so.

The Intranquil Spirit is considered a black magic spell originating in Mexican Spiritism and Brujeria but which has been adopted for use by various witches of many traditions.

There are many different variations of the Prayer to the Intranquil Spirit, for different purposes. Below are some examples. Let me know which one you would prefer when I am performing your working for you.