7 African Powers Candle

7 African Powers Candle

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An all purpose candle to invoke the powers of the 7 African Orishas for aiding in:

    • Money
    • Business
    • Controlling
    • Fast Luck
    • Uncrossing and/or Unjinxing
    • Peaceful Home


                                OH SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS WHO
                                REJOICE IN HEAVEN WITH OUR LORD
                               JESUS CHRIST, HUMBLY I KNEEL BEFORE
                               YOUR GLORIOUS IMAGE TO IMPLORE
                               YOUR INTERSESSION WITH OUR
                               ALMIGHTY GOD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN
                               AND EARTH. TO GRANT ME THIS 
                               PETITION IN THE NAME OF OUR 
                               LORD JESUS FROM WHOM WE
                               RECEIVED THE PROMISE. ASK AND
                              YOU SHALL RECEIVE.
                             (CONCENTRATE ON YOUR DESIRES)