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Lady Jay  is a African American practitioner of Voodoo, rootwork, conjure, Native American and African spiritualism. Lady Jay has worked in several major metaphysics  supplies stores in the Metro Detroit area, she has been doing case work for over 20 years this has always been a dream to be able to aid everyone in the areas in which they need help. Lady Jay has always  shown her client how to manifest their dreams showing them the way to life in this realm. Lady Jay is a two handed worker which means she could heal or curse much like her ancestor Marie Laveau. Lady Jay does not do readings with cards in fact she conduct Consultations. The consultations consists of Lady Jay working with your ancestors  and giving advice on winning lawsuits to drawing love. Due to overwhelming cliental she has come up with the idea to sell some of her candle magic by selling the candles already dressed. So the dressed candles will help you manifest your dreams, much more products to aid in many different areas of life. Thank you so much for visiting EBs Candles31 ''LET'S SPELLIT OUT''

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